I know what Reiki is, but what is Reiki TUMMO?



 Six years ago I attended a Mind Body Spirit Expo and saw a booth. I had practiced Traditional Reiki for over a decade, but what drew me in was the beautiful smile on the persons face. After passing this booth several times, I finally stopped, asked some questions and just for fun, received their 15 min.“Show special”. What I experienced was far deeper than I had ever expected, in fact, it shifted my entire structure.

As a third generation Unity student and a licensed Religious Science Practitioner (in good standing, currently with Global Heart), this was not a new mental concept or thinking experience. For the first time in my life, I felt a direct connection which I can only describe as Divine Love. I always knew I was loved but never really felt it like this. So extraordinary was my opening and connection that I was crying tears of joy.

I frequently heard about how important the Heart was but never was I shown how to access it. I would sit down to meditate and end up back in my brain, spinning with countless thoughts. Reiki TUMMO finally put a life time of avid spiritual study and wisdom into the feeling nature of my being. If you want a deeply authentic, rapid and most joyful experience of the Heart, give this gift to yourself. I can’t help but share it with everyone—I invite you, open your Heart!

Lindee Brown Larsen, MA, RScP, RTP